Private Investigation

Professional Debt Management

QHL is a professional debt management firm with country wide coverage and fully fledged operations in Uganda. QHL has mastered the debt market dynamics in East Africa to be the valued debt management partner of choice through supporting a wide coverage of clientele in various sectors, for more than 9 years.

  • First Party Collection.
  • Third Party Collection.
Unclaimed Asset Reunification

Unclaimed Asset Reunification

We have a regional footprint with the ability to locate and trace account holders’ across East Africa. We offer our clients with the opportunity to reach out to rightful owners and/or their beneficiaries.

Private Investigation

Private Investigation

Quest Holdings Limited seeks to provide information on individual and institutions net worth. We also perform due diligence checks. Our large database also serve as a comprehensive, reliable and up to date information source that aides us in finding the names, addresses and phone numbers of hard-to-locate debtors and businesses.

Private Investigation

Business process outsourcing (BPO)


QHL has developed a more focused innovative culture that seeks to embrace collection strategy and enhance its service delivery.
QHL is technologically driven in its procedures and processes which enhances efficiencies in delivery of its core objectives.
QHLembraces in provision of Professional Debt Management Solutions that create value for ALL our stakeholders.
QHL enhances its performance through speech analysis - we have the agility to analyze voice data and review 100% of call details. This enables us to automatically score the performance of every call, whilst simultaneously monitoring for compliance purpose. We have dedicated resources towards research in trends, products and services that enhance our service delivery.

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