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Quest Holdings Limited; is a registered company with its Headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. We provide professional receivable management solutions for both financial and commercial markets and focuses on maximizing clients’ cash flow management and credit control aspects.

We provide end to end accounts receivable management solutions from billing, reconciliation, 3rd party collections and skip trace. QHL is under a group of companies that have been providing these services for the past 9 years with presence in East Africa through subsidiaries situated in Nairobi, Kampala and Lusaka.

QHL Skills

Professional Debt Management
Private Investigation
Unclaimed Assets
Industry Analysis

Our Service Deliverables

CLIENTS will regard Quest Holdings Ltd as their Preferred choice due to our technological advancement, market knowledge and resilience in our business.
SOCIETY will regard Quest Holding Ltd as responsible, caring and societally relevant corporate citizens which contribute to the well being of their communities.
SUPPLIERS will regard Quest Holding Ltd as demanding but fair clients whose expertise, interpersonal skills, efficient administration, financial stability and long-term orientation make them desirable business partners.
EMPLOYEES will regard Quest Holding Ltd as leading employers in financial services, providing personal development, advancement and highly competitive compensation in exchange for commitment and performance.

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