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    Professional Debt Management
    that you need!
    Interact dynamically with a specialised team.
    Quest Holdings Ltd is a registered company with its Headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. We provide professional
    receivable management solutions for both financial and commercial markets and focuses on
    maximizing clients’cash flow management and credit control aspects.
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    Our technology
    Enjoy the best debt tracking and tracing services
    QHL is technologically driven in its procedures and processes which
    enhances efficiencies in delivery of its core objectives.
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    Looking after your
    Is our top priority!
    Trust us to provide revenue enhancement and professional
    debt management solutions.
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    Our people
    are the greatest Assets!
    We've built a dynamic team
    QHL has over 300 highly skilled and dedicated professionals,
    located within East Africa and Zambia, who
    believe in delivering the best result for you!
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    Pioneering the way in
    Debt management!
    Get your preferred debt management value
    QHL's tailor-made collection software systems ensures that
    we are able to offer our clients leading professional debt management solutions.

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Professional Debt Management

QHL has country wide coverage and fully fledged operations in Uganda, supporting a wide coverage of clientele in various sectors.

Private Investigation

QHL provides rightful owners of funds and beneficiaries with asset tracing services through its team of researchers that seek to substantiate your claim on particular financial asset.

Unclaimed Assets Reunification

QHL has a regional footprint with the ability to locate and skip trace account holders’ across East Africa. We offer more than tracing services.

Industry Analysis

QHL understands that no two debts are identical, and thus applying customized collection tools and processes based upon the nature of the individual debt is KEY.

Quest Holdings Ltd.

Quest Holdings Limited beliefs in the following:

  • Professionalism in service delivery.
  • Ethics & Integrity.
  • Partnership.
  • Empowerment.
  • Ownership.
  • Leadership.

Provision of Professional Debt Management Solutions that create value for ALL our stakeholders.

To be the valued Debt Management Solutions partner of choice in Africa.

Why Choose Us

QHL has invested and placed highly qualified and experienced minds in all its core departments.
Since 2007, our tried-and-tested success in professional debt management and analysis, we’re perfectly positioned to help you with your revenue enhancement, accounts receivables and data analysis.
Our advanced technologies include: dialer technology, text messaging, speech analytics and highly effective tracing technologies.

Our Trusted Partners